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Home Packing Tips

Ways to Protect Your Belongings

Many of your possessions are precious, even irreplaceable.  Following these practical guidelines for preparing your household goods for the move may save you some grief.

  • Use strong containers that are in good condition.
  • Label each box with its contents, which room it should go in, fragile, etc.
  • Don't pack more than 50 pounds into any one box and distribute weight evenly.
  • Don't apply tape directly to polished or painted wood finishes.
  • Don't pack any aerosol cans or flammable items.
  • Remove all batteries from small appliances before packing.
  • Remove all leakables and liquids from drawers and pack them separately.
  • Seal medicines and other containers to prevent leaking and pack in a leak proof container.
  • To avoid breakage pack all boxes as full as possible with adequate padding.
  • Cushion contents with paper or other packing material to prevent breakage.
  • Wrap fragile items, such as china and glassware, individually in clean paper.  Consider using bubble pack for exceptionally fragile items.
  • Wrap lamp shades in four sheets of tissue paper, pillowcase or a lightweight towel.  Never wrap lamp shades in newspaper.  Label shades "FRAGILE."
  • Pack books tightly on end in small cartons.  Alternate spine-up, spine-down and wrap valuable books separately.
  • Have your rugs and draperies cleaned before moving and leave them in their wrappings for easier handling.
  • Draperies and curtains may be folded and packed in cartons lined with clean paper or plastic wrap.
  • Linen and clothing may be packed in drawers or cartons and can be protected in plastic bags.
  • Family photographs, videos, slides and negatives should be packed in separate cartons.
  • Protect framed photos with padding and cushioning, standing them on edge in a carton.
  • Small appliances, clocks, small radios should be wrapped individually and packed in a carton cushioned with crushed paper.
  • Major appliances may require special pre-move preparation.  Consult a service technician to prepare your major appliances for the move.
  • Long-handled garden tools, brooms and mops, should be bundled together securely.  Attachments should be removed from power tools and packed separately.
  • Take only food items you are sure will travel well.  Do not take anything perishable.  In the winter months, do not take anything subject to freezing.  Open food boxes of dried or powdered foods should be sealed with tape.  Limit the amount of heavy can goods per box.
  • Carry all valuables with you.  If possible, carry irreplaceable items with you to your destination.  Don't pack jewelry, documents, coin or stamp collections or anything else that will be difficult to replace.  Contents of a safe deposit box can be moved for you by your bank.
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